Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sony PMW-F3 Camera

Sony has several new videos up on its VideON channel that were shot with the yet-to-be-released F3 Camcorder. This is said to be a machine designed to rival the RED (despite not having 4k resolution), and I would say the images look comparable. Very smooth, yet crisp, look and able to accept PL Mount lenses made specifically for shooting films. This is certainly in the running for the format we will shoot "The Solomon Bunch" on this summer. We will be keeping an eye on its capabilities as it gets into the hands of more users this month, but I am very hopeful based on what I have seen so far and based on the comments by those who have shot with it.

Update 2/4/11: Just went to a special presentation by SONY about this camera and it is awesome. The options that allow it to record S-Log, their answer to RAW images, and output via Dual-Link SDI, are only available through a paid upgrade, but the quality and features are still very impressive in the base model. It comes with a PL-Mount adapter which means it is ready to accept cinema prime lenses with no modifications. A great choice for filmmakers.