Monday, June 30, 2008

Speaker's Promos

We just today completed production on a promotional piece for The Leadership Movement. This organization is made up of two motivational speakers who put on seminars for corporations around the country. It is headed up by Christina Parker, vice president of Bruster's Real Ice Cream joined by Donny Henderson, a musician and entrepreneur. The promo showcases their presentation and shares a little of their personal story. Glassworks Media has also produced speaker's demos for top-selling real estate agent Walter Sanford and for current New York Times bestselling author William P. Young, author of "The Shack."

Monday, June 23, 2008

AmeriClips Stock Footage

Glassworks offers the AmeriClips line of stock footage for use by other production companies worldwide. We have just discontinued our standard definition line and are planning on releasing several volumes of the brand new HD collection in the next few months. You can purchase some of the clips in advance right now by going to and entering "Americlips" in the search field. Seen on corporate productions, church productions and on national networks such as PBS, AmeriClips footage is cutting edge, quality stock that any video professional will find useful.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Washington DC

Need to lose a few pounds? Spend a week in Washington DC. This last week we were on the National Mall and other areas around DC shooting footage for the "Marine Corps-Vette Story" short film. Walking the mall in 100 degree weather will wear you out quick--even without a bunch of equipment to lug around.

The Vette drew a lot of attention everywhere we went, even some unwanted attention. The car was rigged up in every way possible to get interesting and unusual angles as it drove through the streets of the city. The film will be shown in a mobile high-definition theater that travels with the Marine Corps-Vette. It will make appearances at air shows, festivals, parades, and many other places and events around the country. Glassworks is excited to be a part of this project that promotes God and country.