Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CrazyTalk Animator

Last year I purchased a simple facial animation software program called CrazyTalk 6. It sat on the shelf for a long time, but I finally had a job in January that called for it and it worked very well. It was quick and easy as advertised, especially the way it automatically creates mouth movements based on the audio file you import. Although we did have some difficulty getting a thin mouth line that was not aliased, it was certainly well worth the money. Well, Reallusion has stepped up their game even further. CrazyTalk Animator is not only for facial animation, but for creating full-blown environments by simply dragging and dropping elements from anywhere. Any still can be incorporated as an element, and you can also choose from a large number of built-in elements and customizable characters. And speaking of characters, it really is amazing the functionality this program has for doing just about anything with your "actors" in a completely intuitive way. Right now, Digital Juice is selling the entire suite of programs at half off. For only $164.95, you can be creating professional, viewable content today (literally). Check out the overview video and features on the Digital Juice website.