Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Solomon Bunch Film in Pre-Production

Had some signs made up for getting people to our casting call this Saturday for The Solomon Bunch. These are the industry-standard for directions to a movie set. They are done this way so that they can be posted with the arrow pointing either left, right or up for straight ahead.

Printing out a bunch of scripts and sides as well as a couple of hundred casting forms. Not sure exactly how many will show up, but judging by the number of people that have downloaded the sides, it should be a lot of people.

One other thing I did today was to start working on some preliminary scene breakdowns to see how we might be able to get the thing done on the limited budget and schedule we will have to work with. I see a couple of ways we could save money by having a second unit grab some less critical shots--especially some stuff that all happens on a stage (school talent show). I figure once we have it lit properly, most of the crew can go on to the next location while the stage performances are being picked up by a second camera. That would save us at least a half day that could be put to good use. We will have to see what our DP has to say about doing it that way.

If you are interested in auditioning for The Solomon Bunch, by the way, visit the official site for instructions.