Friday, February 4, 2011

Director's Training Course

Per Holmes is one of the greats when it comes to instruction in directing films. His Master Course in High-End Blocking is an amazing resource that every director must watch--and most of the top Hollywood guys have. I learned so much from that course, it was literally dizzying. His instruction is so well laid out and explained that you can't help but "get it." He has just announced a series of three-day training seminars in key cities around the world. Because they are hands-on, only 25 or so are able to register for each. They are selling out as fast as they are announced.

You may want to get your name on the list to reserve a spot for ones that are upcoming. Go to the registration site for more details. There are a lot of seminar opportunities that are "take it or leave it" type things. This is not! This is a "do whatever you have to do to get there" opportunity.

Here are the things he will cover as they do actual setups and shooting of scenes:
  • How to quickly block any scene from scratch with only a script and a location.
  • Become crystal clear on how to attack any scene, so you can do it well under pressure.
  • How to convert your intuitive shot ideas into a rock-solid blocking plan.
  • How to quickly adapt your blocking to a new location or actors' input.
  • How to get better coverage using half the camera setups you're used to.
  • How to block fast so you can spend more time with the actors.
  • How to eliminate continuity problems.
  • How to shoot for total editing freedom, so better emotional timing can be created in editing.
  • Anchor a TON of Hollywood Camera Work technique, such as Compression Of Space, Open vs. Closed Framing, Keyframe-Based / Parallel Blocking, Managing The Line, Hand-Offs, Parallax / Back Parallax, Lead-Ins and Extensions and much more.