Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sony FS-700 at "Home On The Range"

Here is the video I blogged about a few days ago. It was shot with two Sony FS-700's at a local gun range. Jon Minnihan brought a bunch of his guns and Derek Arwood and I shot a couple of sequences. The footage you see here was recorded to the internal SD card at either 240 or 480 frames per second, then transcoded to ProRes422(HQ) before editing. The color correction was done using FCP 7's built in 3-way corrector, and the look was applied with the Luca Visual FX plugin. The graininess and the softness in the blacks is all from the look. The image was very clean to start with. After watching my edit, you can take a look at Jon Minnihan's edit as well. And I don't need to hear how much better his is than mine, thank you very much.