Monday, September 17, 2012

Amazing Equipment Cases

One of the best investments you can make is good quality cases for your equipment. Not only does it protect it from damage, but it makes everything easier to transport--and makes you look more professional (much better than showing up with stuff in cardboard boxes and WalMart bags, both of which I have been guilty of at some point in the past). The problem is that good cases are usually very expensive. I have recently come across a company that makes a very high quality case at an incredibly affordable price. This case, which has an interior dimension of 19.75" x 14" x 8.5" and high-quality pick-and-pluck foam, is just $65 plus shipping. When you consider that a case from Pelican (the industry standard) of the same size and build quality will run two to three times as much, this is a fantastic price. My only complaint is that they do not offer any cases that are larger than this, though it is possible that they will in the future. This particular case is just right for sound equipment, DSLR cameras, lenses, handheld camcorders, hard drives, field monitors and any number of other pieces of equipment you may have. Check out Bolton Tools and pick up some of these cases for your gear. You will not be disappointed in what you get.