Monday, September 10, 2012

Best Recorded Sound Quality?

JuicedLink has conducted a test that shows the capability of its Riggy Assist preamp/mixer for use with DSLR's. After having used DSLR's for a while now, I was resigned to the fact that you really have not choice but to record audio to an external recorder and sync in post when shooting anything where dialogue would be out front. With the Riggy Assist, however, you can get amazingly clean and fairly rich audio right in-camera. How clean? Well, actually very close to the Sound Devices 702 preamps--and far better than the Zoom H4N's.

This test was also very helpful in comparing the different types of external recorders. The Tascam DR-680 and the Sound Devices 702 were the clear winners here, not only for noise levels, but for quality of sound.

Thanks to for posting this very helpful comparison test.