Thursday, October 4, 2012

On Location With America's Finest

This week we are in production on several promotional pieces for a new tool coming soon from Leatherman. We have had a "blast" shooting with Navy SEAL's, Marine Recon and other tier one special forces operators. We shot at T1G in Arkansas, a specialized military training facility, where we got some amazing footage of firefights and rescues as well as fantastic slow-motion shots of explosions.

We also shot at Combat Hard in Atlanta for footage of a SWAT team in action. It's amazing what a little bit of smoke and haze can do, and I was excited to see some of the images we were able to get in the shoot-house at this facility.

In the bottom photo, Leatherman Senior Designer Anthony Perez looks on as we set up a shot. I am looking at a Blackmagic Smartview Duo monitor (which gave me two 8" monitors--one for each of our two primary cameras). In order to shade the monitors from the sun, it is mounted on the rails at the back of the case.

There is a lot to talk about from this shoot, and maybe I will get a chance to do that once the project is complete.