Sunday, August 12, 2012

Greg Howlett Concert

I spent the last week working as the recording engineer on a new concert video for pianist Greg Howlett. The production was amazing with fantastic stage and lighting design by Chad Landers and video direction by Kim White. We recorded to Nuendo during an early taping and then the sold-out live concert on Friday night at the Gwinett County Civic Auditorium in Atlanta. With pre-recorded Nashville orchestra and choir combined with the live singers and orchestra, we will be mixing nearly 100 tracks of audio on several songs. Fun! For those who are interested, we used Neumann TLM-103s on the piano (Greg loves the mellow sound of these), Neumann KM 100 series mics on the orchestra, Sennheiser MKH 50s on choir, Tram lavalier on the fiddle and mixed with the sound from the pickup, AKG C414 on the upright bass, various EV mics on kick, snare and toms, Shure SM 81 on hi-hat and AT 4033s overhead. For the audience surround mics we used a pair of Neumann KM-150s and four earthworks TC-30s. The handheld vocal mics were Shure Beta 87s. Outboard gear included preamps from Avalon, API, Trident, and Symmetrix. Look for the one-hour television special sometime in 2013.