Monday, July 4, 2011

Stills from The Solomon Bunch

I have been in production on the film, The Solomon Bunch, for the past several weeks, which is why I have not posted anything to this blog. I will spend some time discussing the experience as director sometime in the near future, but for now I figured I would at least post some stills.

We shot with the Sony PMW-F3, which captured some amazing images. There were a few things we did not like about the camera, but overall we were very pleased with how everything came out.

These stills are screen captures as-shot. They are ungraded. For time and cost considerations, we shot directly to the SxS cards in-camera and tried to get as close as possible on the look while shooting. If this were intended to be a theater release rather than just at TV/DVD release, we probably would have shot in S-Log to maintain the image resolution needed for the big screen.