Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The One-Day Edit!

Here is a video that was put together for the final night of the Baptist Friends conference last week. On Wednesday and Thursday, we shot footage and loaded it into the computer. Then on Friday, I worked non-stop to edit it by that evening. With God's help, I made it (with not a moment to spare) and it was well-received. Here are a few observations.

We had no time for color correction, so with the exception of maybe six or eight clips that needed to be brighter to be seen, this is all straight out of the camera. Most shots are from the Canon 7D using an f2.8 70-200mm lens and recording at 24p. You will notice the shots that are from a camcorder at 30p. Color and feel are completely different--and certainly inferior (in my humble opinion). Those shots were also captured using a monopod, so they are not stable like the ones I shot on a tripod. The only reason we plugged those in at all was because they covered events or angles that I was not able to get myself. Also, because the edit was very sparse on the b-roll with about two hours to go, I started grabbing anything that worked and just plugging it in.

I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out. The story flows well, which is the most important thing, and the overall feel of the piece is good. The one shot of mine that I hate is the very grainy shot of the two girls talking about seeing old friends. They turned the auditorium lights out while we were in the middle of the interview, but what she said was critical to the piece, so I used it with a ton of gain and kept it as short as possible. My favorite shot is probably the one you see above. The sun was setting just right as I ran to my truck to get something. I quickly set up a shot behind a statue of a lion and loved how the lens flare turned the entire shot to a golden hue. One thing to know on the edit is that the lady at the end who says she "learned to have greater faith at the conference" is missionary Margaret Stringer. I thought it was powerful that a woman who had spent her life living with a tribe of cannibals that had never seen a white person would have "learned to have faith" in God at the conference--must have been a pretty good one!