Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who have we worked with recently?

Here are a few of the business and organizations we have worked with in the past months.

• All Star Technical Services
This San Diego, CA based company is a contractor with the government and corporations providing a broad range of services. Some of their current contracts involve running military bases, maintaining housing, managing facilities, maintaining city, county and state vehicle fleets, etc.

• Crown College
This college in Knoxville, TN is known around the nation as a leader in Christian education. They are also known for their publications which are used by thousands of churches around the world.

• The Marine Corps-Vette
This car is a memorial to 9-11 and men and women in uniform. Owned by a veteran of the Marine-Corps, it can be seen at car shows, air shows and more as it travels the country.

• Nutritional Tree
Nutritionaltree.com is a vitamin review site that serves the online community. It offers a way for consumers to find out about virtually any health product before buying.

• William P. Young
He is the author of one of the most popular fiction books of all time. The Shack is a story that has swept the nation selling over 7 million copies in only one year.

The Public Broadcasting System is an American television channel that airs documentaries, public interest pieces and learning programs.

• Greg Howlett
Greg is a concert pianist and a piano instructor. His DVD series' offer a unique approach to learning piano techniques and theory.

• First Bible International
This organization translates the Bible into languages that do not yet have the Scriptures. They are active in many countries around the world.