Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recent Projects

This month is a busy one for us. We are in the middle of several projects, each with it's own challenges, but all with a deadline coming too soon...

All Star Technical Services in San Diego, CA is a major contractor with the U.S. military and with some of the largest corporations in the world. They manage operations at military bases worldwide and at facilities such as the Bonneville Dam. We just finished up a graphic design project for them that will promote their logistics division.
"The Marine Corps-Vette Story" will wrap up shooting next week and we will be in the editing stage. This documentary will be viewed in a mobile theater that travels with the car to air-shows, car shows and other public events around the country.
The Crown College is a school in Knoxville, TN with campuses also in Texas and in England. We are working on a high-definition promotional video that will be distributed to prospective students.
Straight Edge Marketing is a network-marketing company based in Murfreesboro, TN. We are working on updating their recruitment video and introducing a new technology called the i-Vo.
Vitabase is one of the largest health supplement sites on the Internet. We are producing ten short informational videos featuring well-known naturopathic physician, Dr. Kevin Passero. Each video discusses the health benefits of a particular product offered by Vitabase. Visit them online at

We would love to tell you more, but we better get back to work!