Sunday, March 30, 2008

Promoting Your Business in High Definition

As a business or corporation, is it time to make the move to High-Definition? Well, that question has been debatable for the past few years as the general population has been in transition with the equipment in their homes. It doesn't make much sense to put money and effort into producing HD content when only a few are able to view it at it's full resolution. So, what would be the deciding factor? There are three reasons why you should now consider using HD video to promote your company or product.

First, the prices for HDTV's has dropped significantly in the past year. There are now far more choices in the widescreen section of your local electronics store than in the standard definition section. Most consumers purchasing new televisions are choosing HD. Second, within a year the broadcast channels will all be switching to digital signals. This means that the only way someone with a standard definition television set will be able to watch their local over-the-air channels will be to purchase a converter box. Third, the format wars are finally over. In the last month or so, Blu-Ray has emerged as the clear winner in its battle with the HD DVD format. This means that the major movie studios will now commit fully to distributing their titles in HD and the price for Blu-Ray players, blank media and duplication will begin to drop very dramatically and very quickly.

Many of the major corporations have already been making use of HD content. In national advertising campaigns, nothing less is even be considered. In tradeshow exhibits, many are finding it to be a great way to stand out from the crowd. For some businesses, it is not a necessary expense, but you should at least explore the possibility of stepping up to HD. Glassworks is happy to talk with you about the needs of your particular business. Give us a call anytime.